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Website Design in Nigeria

Consider the following data curled from

"98 percent of Internet users in China are mobile."

"Mobile e-commerce will be responsible for $2.32 trillion — or about 67.2 percent — of e-commerce sales by 2021."

"Mobile ad spend is expected to represent 72 percent of all digital ad spend in the U.S. by 2019. "

"82 percent of people use their smartphones to research purchases they are about to make in a store."

Modern professional web development especially for Africa is optimized for mobile access. At, we develop your website to work properly on mobile devices, ensuring that features are compatible across most devices, and optimizing content to ensure fast load time especially on mobile.

Additionally, for some clients, after having built a website, they are not able to reach the developer who built the website to make further changes, leaving outdated content on their websites, we would be glad to help, we have competent hands that have been trained in the best digital academies available, and we are responsive.

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Responsive Web Design

We build websites that respond to different screen sizes and device ports. You do not need to build multiple versions of your website, now just one website is enough

Website Maintenance

We offer a weekly website maintenance and management services. This covers all content additions and editing, but does not cover new application development.

Basic SEO

Search Engines are powerful ways to attract new and qualified customers, because most people searching on a Search Engine are already considering making a purchase.

e-Commerce & e-Booking

e-Commerce and e-Booking integrations into your website enables your website showcase products or services you want to sell, and provides processes for ordering them.

Payment Processing

Do you want to be able to accept Interswitch payments on your website? Would you want to accept International card payments on your website? We can give you both solutions.

Web Traffic Analysis

Track everything! Constant tracking ensures you are able to see how people are interacting with your website and learn what what processes to optimize.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an optimization technique that ensures that your website ranks well on Search Engines when people search for your products or Services. We offer onsite SEO for new websites we are building, if you require more, you have to purchase one of our SEO Plans.
Wordpress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is used to develop websites, it is currently the most used CMS in the world, and powers many renown websites. It has the advantage of the user being able to add and update things on his website without contacting us to do it.
This is the underlying code used in development of websites, while HTML is used for design and presentation, PHP is used for programming and development. Therefore, while a website can be built entirely with HTML, without a programming language like PHP, there will be no functionality.
It depends entirely on what features you want in your website, we usually have a discussion, then charge after agreeing on what features are required to meet the client's demand. Cost can range from as little as N50,000 for a simple blog to well over N1,500,000 for a robust web portal
We have two different web hosting options, a basic hosting for $150 per annum, Standard hosting for $300 per annum and Premium hosting for $600 per annum. Additionally, we also offer custom built Cloud hosting Services, if your website requires this option.
There is a 70% down payment at the beginning of the development work and a 30% after development, but before final hosting. However, if you are using our hosting services, you are required to pay 100% of the hosting fees upfront.