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Without a website, your business is missing out on a lot of prospective clients who are online and regularly making purchases with their ATM cards. You might say "I know that having a website is important, but I don't have the money for it", not to worry, with our flexible Payment plan, you would be able to get a professionally designed website and have your payment spread across 4 months. Start Now!

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Domain name

The first thing you need to get is a domain name. A domain name is the that will be used to identify your website on the Internet. That is your most important property.
Your domain name is renewed annually, you loss it any year you do not renew it

Alternative Domain name

Your website only needs one domain name, however, we need you to suggest another domain name we can search for incase someone has already taken your domain name of choice.
We find that will usually be available

VPS Web Hosting

After we design your website, we need to store the files in a Server (WebHost) in the US. Our prefered web host is a VPS service that starts at $150 per annum, because of its efficiency, speed and capacity The cost of the domain name is embedded into the hosting as far as you renew the hosting annually

Standard Website

A Standard website is an informational website that show cases a company's different products or services in a static format. This kind of website does not include Interactive software features like, user login and registration, shopping carts, payment Integration, Business Chat Support, and other Web App features

E-Commerce website

E-Commerce and E-Booking integrations into your website enables your website showcase products or services you want to sell or book, and provides processes for selecting, ordering and Checkout upon completion of order.
Note that some website have both Standard Website and E-commerce features and so costing is combined for these requests

Payment Processing

Would you like to provide your clients with an option to pay for your products or service using their ATM cards directly on your website?
Would you want to accept International card payments on your website? We can give you both solutions.
All Payment is processed directly into your account her in Nigeria

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