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Mobile Dev Training

Training: Web Dev on Mobile

Learn how to build professional cutting edge web applications on your Smartphone. Our curriculum includes Introduction to the Internet, Linux and Termux command line, NeoVim editor, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and PHP.
Students learning Mobile Development After taking this class, not only would you be able to develop sophisticated websites on your Mobile, you will have enough knowledge of Linux to work on most Servers and Cloud storage.

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Office on Mobile

Training: Office on Mobile

Following the proliferation of the Smartphone, smart businesses have started integrating tools that assures that staffs are not limited to working only within the confines of the office. With the prevalence of Cloud tools like Google G-Suites and Microsoft Office 365, individuals have the option of accessing office files from their PCs, browsers, or even from their Mobile Apps to continue work and meet deadlines.

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Professional mobile-first website design in Nigeria

Mobile First Web Application Development
"Starting July 1, 2019, mobile-first indexing is enabled by default for all new websites" - Google

There are way more people visiting your website from a mobile phone than from a desktop PC or laptop. Especially if you are a B2C company that is serving consumers, you need to realise that building Mobile first is definitely the best way to reach your customers, because a whooping 69% will come to you from a Mobile phone. At, we help you position for success. Delivering websites that look professional no matter what device you are viewing on.

At TheMobileProf we have an adept Mobile development team which focuses on designing Mobile-first web applications and delivering world class Software and Office trainings. We are in the business of building useable professional products for our Customers' customers.

Win customers with an impressive website that sells!

We do diverse projects beyond web design. We have experience in Web Application development, API Integrations, Payment system setup, and automated chatbot deployments. So whatever digital requirements you need, we’ve got you covered!

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