Javasript Backend Training

Javasript is one of the most popular computer programming languages to learn today. It is easier to learn than most other programming languages and is used to design websites, build mobile applications, online games, analyze data and even program robots. And because it is popular, there are several groups round the world that support and assist people learning javascript. This active community helps to encourage collaboration amongst developers, provide mentoring for beginners and help to provide jobs and internship opportunities.

8 Weeks Topics
Week 1 Linux and Neovim
Week 2 FTP and SQL
Week 3 Git and Github
Week 4 Javasript Introductions and Elements
Week 5 Javasript Expressions and Loops
Week 6 Javasript Namespace and Functions
Week 7 Javasript Classes and Objects
Week 8 Database Integration

A brief introduction of the topics that will be covered during the training.

  • Termux and The Linux command prompt
    • The terminal is usually an intimidating interface for people coming from Windows, but as a developer, you should feel completely at home writing commands on a black screen. This course seeks to demystify the Linux command prompt and introduce you to basic linux commands like cd, ls, mkdir, rm, pwd, ln, cp, mv and touch
  • Commandline editor - Neovim
    • There are many editors and development IDEs, however on Linux terminal, there is no more robust editor than Vim and it’s more modern fork - NeoVim.
      It’s a bit of a learning curve, but mastery of NeoVim gifts you with a swiss army knife tool you can call up on any Linux terminal. Plus the bragging rights!
  • JavaScript
    • Javascript is termed the programming language of the web.
      Introductions to Javascript (Vanilla) gives you not just the skills to develop dynamic web pages, but also the base to learn other JavaScript Frameworks like React, Vue, Angular or any other JS frameworks that would be developed in the Future.
  • Git & Github
    • Version control Systems are part of a modern developer’s tool.
      Git ( the most popular VCS amongst developers ) is a primarily command line based version control system, that enables you keep track of changes you made to your code and helps you easily revert to previous states. is a remote git hosting tool that allows you keep a copy of your git history on the Internet and facilitates multi-developer commits to one central repository.
  • SSH & SFTP
    • SSH grants you secure access to your server, and enables you control your Server via the command prompt.
      SFTP is a secure tool for transfering files between your local device and your Cloud Server.
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Free Classes

  • Venue: 3 Thorborn Avenue, Sabo, Yaba
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Days: Mondays to Friday(2 Hrs Daily)
  • Time: Morning - 10am - 12Noon Afternoon - 1pm - 3pm

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Prerequisite: Cloud Server

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The student cloud accounts will be used to save all the projects and assignments taken during the two (2) months in the class and other projects that the students will continue to handle inthe future.
One(1) year managed cloud hosting for N54,000/Annum.

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Benefits of the Course

You will understand how the Internet works
You will no longer be terrified of the black screen of the Linux terminal
Learn how to manipulate files and directories within Linux on Mobile, Desktop, and Server
Connect into and work in your Cloud Server through SSH and SFTP
Learn how to use command line editors for web application development, giving you the skills to work in most computers you login to, physically or remotely
Master how to develop web applications with your Smartphone - using Termux, NEOVim, and mobile browsers
Use git and github as version control system and remote repo to manage updates on your web application