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Today's mobile devices are powerful computers that can run most everyday software ranging from Linux application development platforms for Software Developers to Office applications for Working Professionals
At TheMobileProf, we show you how to use your Mobile phone as a Remote Working Device to deliver professional quality output no matter where you are.

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Are you an NGO facilitating training for young people in any City in Africa? Let's be your plug for Linux, Git and Vim to enable your students get comfortable with the terminal, usually by the time we take our session, students have caught up enough to join your main classes. And they are would be completely at home when you start teaching them Cloud skills (CLI)

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Learn CLI: Linux, Python & Bash Scripting, YAML, SQL, Git & Github, Google Cloud & AWS and CI/CD with Github Actions, Terraform and Ansible

"Starting July 1, 2019, mobile-first indexing is enabled by default for all new websites" - Google

"DevOps adoption means that you are willing to change fast, develop fast, test fast, fail fast, recover fast, learn fast and push the product/features fast to the market." - Pavan Belagatti

"To successfully implement continuous delivery, you need to change the culture of how an entire organization views software development efforts." - Tommy Tynjä

Testimonials: What our Students are saying:

Thank you so much @Samuel Anyaele, we had an amazing session and it was full packed where we learnt some basics of Bash scripting . I must say the past Four Fridays has been awesome. We truly appreciate your dedication - Mojisola Adewoyin

DevOps Curriculum

Linux powers most of the World's Servers and devices. Learn how to control your computer even when all you have is a black screen.

  1. Why Linux
  2. Termux
  3. pkg
  4. Zsh
  5. pwd
  6. li
  7. cd
  8. mkdir
  9. cp
  10. mv
  11. ln
  12. rm
  13. touch
  14. nano
  15. wget
  16. find
  17. whoami
  18. shutdown
  19. chmod
  20. chown

This is a Fork of Vim, one of the oldest and most powerful Terminal code editors on Linux, this enables you to code in any terminal.

  1. Install
  2. Setup
  3. Normal Mode
  4. Visual Mode
  5. Insert Mode
  6. Navigation
  7. Editing
  8. Deleting
  9. Copy, Cut, Paste
  10. NerdTree
  11. Emmet
  12. Windows and Tabs
  13. Fuzzy Find
  14. Find, Find next, Replace
  15. Inline Commands
  16. Auto Complete

These are additional linux commands used for more advanced Linux manipulations.

  1. Path
  2. su
  3. fdisk
  4. fsck
  5. md5sum
  6. useradd
  7. userdel
  8. comm
  9. mount
  10. gzip
  11. grep
  12. umask
  13. cat
  14. pipe
  15. sort
  16. Regular Expressions
  17. Input Redirection
  18. Output Redirection
  19. Shell Scripting
  20. cron

This is a Fork of Vim, one of the oldest and most powerful Terminal code editors on Linux. Code in any terminal.

  1. Install
  2. Database Setup
  3. Insert
  4. Update
  5. Select
  6. Delete

PostgreSQL is a more powerful database than SQLite and complex applications can be built in its tried and tested engine.

  1. Install
  2. Setup
  3. Insert
  4. Select
  5. Update
  6. Delete

Git is the most common Version Control System amongst developers. It helps keep track of code history, team members collaborate on a project, and helps move work between devices (e.g. between your phone and laptop).

  1. Install
  2. Config
  3. Init
  4. Clone
  5. Pull
  6. Status
  7. Add
  8. Commit
  9. Push
  10. Branch
  11. Checkout
  12. Stash
  13. Merge
  14. Reset
  15. Remote
  16. diff
  17. rm
  18. log
  19. show
  20. tag

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is one way to push finished content to your Cloud server, when you want to go live.

  1. Install
  2. Setup
  3. Exit
  4. Get
  5. Put
  6. Local Commands
  7. Remote Commands
  8. Literal
  9. Mget
  10. Mput

The Google Cloud Console is the Google App used to manage Google Cloud services on Mobile

  1. Introduction to Google Cloud
  2. Install Google Cloud Console
  3. Server Setup
  4. Access Tools
  5. Monitoring Tools

The AWS Console App manages multiple servers on the AWS Cloud

  1. Introduction to Amazon Web Services
  2. Install AWS CLI
  3. Virtual Machine Setups (EC2)
  4. AWS Fargate
  5. Monitoring Tools

This is the Mobile App made by Microsoft to manage Azure Cloud instances

GitOps covers DevOps functions on Github using Github Actions, Terraform, Ansible, and some Scripting (Bash / Python)

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