Mobile Business Productivity Training

Mobile Productivity Training

Benefits of the Course

  • Learn how to edit Documents on your Mobile phone using Microsoft Word or Google Docs
  • Collaborate with your Team mates on office documents from your mobile devices anywhere you are
  • Find productive use of your time in Lagos traffic
  • Be ready for business emergencies, have the tools required to respond to your customers requests immediately
  • Learn how to work with Cloud computing to make documents easy to share and backup
  • Develop and share Presentations from your phone even while on your way to the meeting
  • Master Excel and how to work with Spreadsheets from your Smartphone
  • Convert your documents to PDF on the go
  • And so many other benefits of using your Mobile phone efficiently with Cloud services

Curriculum Calendar for March 2020

* 10 seat(s) available in March 2020 for Monday Classes
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Week 1

Monday 9th March, 2020

  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs
Week 2

Monday 16th March, 2020

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Sheets
Week 3

Monday 23rd March, 2020

  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Google Slides
Week 4

Monday 30th March, 2020

Cloud Storage, File Transfer and PDFs:
  • Cloud: Google Drive Collaboration
  • Cloud: DropBox
  • Cloud: Microsoft OneBox
  • File Transfer: Xender and OTP Flash
  • PDF: Foxit

Intensive Business Productivity Training

The mobile Productivity Tool for businesses is a business Tech training program offered by that enables workers to be more productive by combining the flexibility of their mobile devices with the power of Cloud Computing. This increases work efficiency and reduces man hour wastes to the barest minimums, and ensures that work progresses whether project team members are in the office or on the Go.

Training Details

  • 3 Thorborn Avenue, Sabo, Yaba
  • Fee covers Training, Training materials and Certificate of Completion
Office Presentation

Mabel is heading to a meeting with two of her colleagues, this Prospect had been referred to them by their biggest Client. The light rain was pattering on her side of the car window, as the Uber cab they are riding slowly makes its way through a slightly flooded street in a section of Lekki with a few portholes littered throughout the length of the street. Why the construction crew has not finished repairing this road beats Mabel, they have been stuck on “repairing” this road since beginning of the year, now the rainy season is here, who knows how much longer this was going to take?

“Juliet, did you copy the Powerpoint presentation from the computer?” Mabel asks.

Juliet who was sitting on the passenger side beside the driver abruptly turns to look at Mabel with an enquiring look on her face, as she responds “I thought you already copied it”.

“What?!” Mabel glared at Juliet “How could you have forgotten to copy the presentation? Something we developed on your desktop?” Mabel screamed, “What do we do now? If we head back to the office, we will definitely be late for the meeting, yet we cannot enter that meeting without a presentation”

“I have the figures we used in the presentation stored on my Google Drive, it syncs on this phone too” Ada chips in, joining the conversation. The other two colleagues looked at her, suddenly realising that all is not lost … yet! Quickly whipping out her phone from her leather hand bag, Mabel opens up the Microsoft Powerpoint App, scrolls through the theme options, selects one with a beautiful blue rich background, and starts creating a new presentation. “Ada please send me the figures, thank you”, still glaring at Juliet “Send me the new logo, and while you’re at it, go to and look for appropriate free pictures I’ll include in this slide, and please be snappy about it”

“You’re such a nice man, thanks for giving us 5 more minutes in your car to finish our presentation. I’ll definitely rate you 5 stars”, Mabel waves slightly at the smiling Uber driver as he makes his way out of the close. The rain has stopped momentarily, but the clouds still look heavy, maybe it will rain again, who knows? …


Working on Computer

It’s 5.04pm on Friday, everyone is rearing to leave the office to begin their TGIF, suddenly a client calls asking for the proposal for an urgent job. The other two staffs needed to work on the proposal are already out of the office, so Eze quickly creates a rough draft of the proposal on his Microsoft Word document on his office Laptop and stores it in Dropbox, he notifies his colleagues of the saved document, and they connect to Dropbox on their mobile phones, and edited sections of the proposal using the Microsoft Word App.

By 8pm, they are done with their editing and Eze reviews the documents and sends it to the client, eventually shutting the office door behind him by 8.15pm as he too heads home.